Nobody is perfect

Nobody is perfect

Shape: [ReJect]-Raven Shape

Skin: Fruk- Bennett

Hair: Boon- GAS760 (New!)

Ears: Mandala-Omimi Ears

Shades: Redgrave- Aviator

Piercing: Pekka- Esoteric (Edited)

FacialHair: CheerNo- Type A3

Beard: Atro Patena-Beard A1

Cigarette: Hermony-Ultimate Cigarette Package

Necklace: Kosh-Thorn Necklace

Tattoo: GoK-Oktober Manifesto

ChestPiercing: Pekka- Mystic

Shirt: Chronokit- T-shirt (New!)

Bag: Aitui- The last genesis bag (New!)

Belt: Blitzed- Legacy belt

Bracelet: Blitzed- Legacy Cuffs

Watch/Bracelet: Mandala- Hokusai Bracelet

Rings/Nails Mandala- Sinra Nails

Jeans: Legal insanity- Hefunky Pants

Shoes: Tabloid- Rebound Boots

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